Lynne Spevack

A seasoned psychotherapist with more than 30 years of experience, Lynne Spevack specializes in highly effective, results-oriented and scientifically validated methods for improving mood, productivity, performance, and relationships. Lynne’s eclectic approach emphasizes traditional cognitive-behavioral therapy, the cutting edge TEAM Therapy, and biologically informed, holistic, non-medication approaches including chronotherapy and bright light therapy. Unlike some cognitive-behavioral therapists, Lynne’s style is responsive, interactive, flexible and versatile.

As a senior clinician, Lynne is a “therapist’s therapist,” sought out by other therapists seeking high-caliber treatment for themselves. Lynne is recruited to instruct professional workshops on cognitive behavioral therapy, TEAM Therapy and biologically-informed treatments.

Lynne maintains offices in lower Manhattan’s Financial District and the mid-Brooklyn neighborhood of Midwood.